Assignment 5: How to Install XAMPP for Windows

How to Install XAMPP for Windows

XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages. This blog post is on the installation process. Since I have finished installing XAMPP I will be using images taken from the web for each step. So the version number may change in those images. Since the process is the same it will not be a problem.

Visit the page for windows in the official site of the publisher using the link below,

Click ‘XAMPP’ in downloads. There are several options to continue. Since it is very easy to install using the ‘Installer’ I will use it here. It is also the most suitable way for a beginner. Just click on the link for the ‘Installer’.

Select ‘Save’. (it will take some time to download)

Select ‘Run’.

Select the language

Select ‘Next’

Select components and select ‘Next’. (It is better to leave the ones selected for a beginner who doesn’t know much about XAMPP)

 Choose the location to install XAMPP and select ‘Next’.

Wait for the installation

Select ‘Finish’ (Check/uncheck the option to start the control panel)

If the option to start the control panel was selected then the panel will appear. Start the required modules. (Can start it later by:  start-all programs -xampp-control panel)

Type http://localhost in the web browser and the welcome screen will appear.

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